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What do we do?

Did you know there is a way to invest in a healthier planet, while making a sustainable interest on the side?

We grow an oil-producing tree called the ‘Pongamia’ tree. Each year, the nuts that grow on these trees are harvested and pressed to extract their oil.

This crude oil is sold to the major oil companies, who will refine it into green, renewable diesel. Each year, you get the interest from the oil from your trees while neutralizing your environmental footprint in doing so!


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Current Batch: 10,000 trees

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The Process

How does it work ?

1. Order Trees

2. Land preparation and planting

3. Field maintenance

4. Harvesting and crushing

5. Selling crude oil and protein

6. Receive profits from the oil and protein

Calculate your CO2 Footprint Compensation

Kilometers per year
Hours of flying per year
Pieces of meat eaten per year
I drive

kilometers per year
(EU Average: 12.200 km/year)
I fly

hours per year
(EU Average: 6.8 hours/year)
I eat

pieces of meat per year
(EU Average: 350 pieces/year)
Trees* compensate your kilometers
Trees* compensate your fly hours
Trees* compensate your meat intake


*Sources, calculations & disclaimer:

Numbers as presented in the calculator above are estimates, based on averages and do not necessary reflect a precise CO2 footprint. No rights can be claimed from the figures and calculations.

Car figures – Plane figures – Meat Figures

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Environmental Benefits

Do your part - carry your weight

True Sustainability

Each tree that is planted has the life expectancy to outlive you and us easily. The total process of planting, growing, harvesting, refining and using the trees’ oil (as green, renewable fuel), compared to the continuous COproduction, absorbs more CO2 than the fuel emits. One tree is about the equivalent of 570 km or 350 miles driven a year. That means, if you drive 10,000 kilometer a year (or 6,214 miles) a year, you will need 18 trees to neutralise your environmental footprint. And that as long as you live!

Benefits for Everyone

We use a 20-year partnership between you and your tree. This way, the tree is most profitable and the land most accessible. After the twenty years, the trees’ ownership will transfer to the land owners (mostly local cattle farmers).

The United Nations Sustainability Goals

The Corekees Foundation participates in reaching 9 out of 17 goals