Profit From a Greener World

Invest in trees that absorb more CO₂ than they produce and get a 7.8% annual return on investment while doing so.

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Er ging iets mis: geef minimaal 1 boom op om door te gaan.

Average pay-out of 7,8% per year over a period of 20 years.


Amount of CO₂-compensation equals 10 flight hours.

Easy As

Create an account in 2 minutes and start investing. It’s as easy as that. You can start investing from just €20 with your bank card (iDEAL) or credit card. The more you invest, the more you profit. This will of course also increase your risk.

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How Do I Profit From My Trees?

1. Invest in nature

Invest in the Pongamia tree, compensate your CO₂-footprint and make a profit while doing so.

2. We plant your tree

We plant young trees in specifically selected areas and let them develop for the first 4 years.

3. Growing green

After 3 to 4 years, the trees are ready for their first harvest. The trees are mature from their 7th year and are most profitable from that point onwards.

4. Enjoy your money tree!

The oil from the nuts are being sold to biodiesel refineries and the leftovers are used as cattle feed.

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We plant Pongamia trees in natural reserves that haven’t been able to grow trees for a very long time. These special trees not only compensate a lot of CO₂, but also produce nuts that we can sell for a profit.

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Investing as an organisation

Organisations that participate can receive CO₂-credits. These credits can be used to compensate your organisation’s CO₂ emissions and make your company climate neutral. Most organisations reinvest their profits into new trees. This way, you will get an exponential number of CO₂-credits with a one-time investment. Like us to calculate your CO₂-footprint and check how many trees you would need to become climate neutral? Contact us and we will create a customized plan for your organization.

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