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Invest monthly in trees that absorb more CO₂ than they produce and receive an avg. 7.8% annual return on investment.

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Your cumulative payout with an (example) subscription of 10 years; a total investment of €12.000.


This CO₂-compensatie equals 10 hours by plane.

Patrick Kant
Patrick Kant
Duurzaam initiatief, gedragen door enthousiaste en gedreven changemakers. Samen met Corekees maken wij de wereld weer een stukje beter!
Lodewijk Steen, vd
Lodewijk Steen, vd
Leuk idee om te investeren en iets goed te doen voor het milieu👌
Dick Ermstrang
Dick Ermstrang
Sinds enkele maanden heb ik een abonnement waarbij maandelijks automatisch bomen worden gekocht, uitstekende manier om op een verantwoorde manier te beleggen en meteen iets aan het milieu te doen. Zeer tevreden over de communicatie door middel van regelmatige nieuwsbrieven. Nu maar hopen dat het ook nog mooie resultaten oplevert.
Jos Boumans
Jos Boumans
Leuke verantwoorde manier om je spaargeld nuttig te besteden.
Thijs L
Thijs L
Corekees biedt een geweldige manier van investeren voor de toekomst gecombineerd met investeren in de toekomst.

Easy As

Choose your number of trees per month and start saving. Easy as that. Saving starts at €20 a month, pay carefree with direct debit or credit card. Investing more means more profit but keep in mind there are always risks involved.

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How Do I Profit From My Trees?

1. Invest in nature

Invest in the Pongamia tree, compensate your CO₂-footprint and make a profit while doing so.

3. Growing green

After 3 to 4 years, the trees are ready for their first harvest. The trees are mature in their 7th year and are most profitable from that point onwards.

2. We plant your tree

We plant young trees in specifically selected areas and let them develop for the first 4 years.

4. Enjoy your money tree!

The oil from the pods are being sold to biodiesel refineries and the leftovers are used as cattle feed.

As seen in

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We plant Pongamia trees in natural reserves that haven’t been able to grow trees for a very long time. These special trees not only compensate a lot of CO₂, but also produce pods that we can sell for a profit.

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COMPENsation for business

Organizations can become climate neutral with Corekees. The trees' profits are reinvested into new trees to offset an exponential amount of CO2 with a one-time investment. We offer tailor-made programs for your organization.

Know your impact. Corekees specializes in calculating the CO₂ footprint of organizations. Contact us for a CO2 scan.

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