We are Corekees

And we create impact by making sustainability profitable. Corekees is the leading sustainable investment platform in the Netherlands. We enable you to participate in projects that improve our planet. Choose how and where you want to make an impact and receive financial returns on your investment.


By investing in sustainable projects with revenue models, we ensure lasting impact and contribute to our vision for the future: a world where economic activity support supports the planet that supports us.


Biofuel in Paraguay, the energy transition in Africa or sustainably grown bamboo in Portugal. Investing with Corekees is like shopping online. You choose the project. We do the rest. Our mission? To make doing good financially attractive.


Team Corekees

“'By 2023, we want to manage €5,000,000 in sustainably invested capital whilst paying out the highest possible returns to our planet and investors.”
– Tamar van Heesewijk (CFO Corekees)
“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”
– NICK van Heesewijk (CEO Corekees)

    Our advisory

    The Advisory Board advises Corekees on a strategic level and comprises leaders in sustainability, finance and retail.