At Corekees,
we believe

That investing in a green planet and making a healthy profit should be accessible for anyone.

We all want to make money while doing good, but to many this seems nearly impossible. We are here to change that.

We are making it possible by planting trees in regions where there aren’t enough anymore. Trees that capture a lot of CO₂ from the air. And even better, trees that make money. Yes, we are planting money trees. They aren’t magical, but they are profitable enough that we believe you want to start planting them too.

Through our platform it’s very easy to invest in our trees. Buy some trees for yourself, your family or your business. Do it to become climate neutral or to make a healthy profit. Buy one tree or a whole lot. We don’t mind. Because every tree contributes to a greener world, which is why we are doing this in the first place. 

Our way of helping you invest in a greener world.


Our Pongamia tree is not the only solution

Obviously, we are over the moon about the potential of our Pongamia tree. Despite of that, we should still eat less meat, fly less and take the train more often. You get the idea, right? Our tree just makes it that much easier to live climate neutral. And more fun...

Our Board of Advisory

Our Board of Advisory consists of academic leaders in the fields of sustainability and finance. The Board advises and supports Corekees at a strategic level.


Trusted organizations that support us. We partner with them for their creative and innovative solutions and reliable service to build our sustainable organization.