The general data protection regulation

the corekees foundation
  • The Corekees Foundation uses your personal information to identify the owner of the bonds/trees and to be able to reach and inform its owners/clients. As long as you are our client and you have an account on, we will save your data in our database. The data is only accessible by The Corekees Foundation and digitally protected;
  • The Corekees Foundation will not share or sell your personal data with or to third parties;
  • Mandatory information for purchasing bonds are; first name, last name, email address, and country of residence, bank account number (IBAN);
  • Optional information for purchasing bonds are; phone, company name, street address and zip code;
  • Both the mandatory and optional information will be protected and erased equally
  • In case of data breaches, you will be informed accordingly and immediately
  • We will permanently erase all of your personal information upon request. Please note that this will also end your bond-ownership; Corekees is only able to manage bonds if we know who the owner is;
  • All traffic will go through a secure connection, validated by an SSL Certificate;
  • For additional inquiries or information requests, contact or 020-244 0311.

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