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joost commissaris
9 December 2020
8904 min

This week’s blog: Is Climate-neutral travel a utopia?


“As much as we love to travel, there is a big contradiction when we look at the relationship with the climate. We travel to see the beautiful places on this earth, but at the same time we destroy these beautiful places to say the least. The word ”flying shame” is often used for this (nominated for the word of the year in 2018). I too, as someone with a passion for both travel and sustainability, has a bit of a problem with this”.


Our colleague Claudia wrote a blog on the popular travel platform We Are Travellers. This blog ‘Is climate neutral travel a utopia?’ shows that almost everything you do during a trip has an impact on our earth and climate.

It gets into how you can measure the impact of your transport to your destination (for plane, train and car) and what you can do at your destination to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. She then discusses vacations in the Netherlands, which is very popular at the moment (thanks to Covid). But also the desire to discover other ”distant” countries.

Then the blog is about offsetting the CO2 emissions that are released when travelling. Does offsetting make sense? If so, in what form does it make sense? Could it mean the end of flying shame or even our climate problems?

The blog is fun to read and is full of useful information and tips! Got curious by this piece? Then read the full blog on the website of: We Are Travellers.

Interested in compensating CO2 for a future trip? See how much CO2 a Pongamia tree can compensate during its lifespan. With this offsetting also earn some money, is that possible? Yes, take a look at the ‘How it works’ page to get an insight in how Corekees pays off for this.

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