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Treetalks Raisa & Tijn

Roderick Schlimmer
10 February 2022
13122 min

We talk with our investors regularly. We’re curious about their lives and their motives for investing at Corekees. In this edition of Treetalks, we’ve managed to get hold of a couple living on the other side of the globe…

Hi, who do we have the pleasure of talking with?
“We’re Tijn and Raisa! Tijn just turned 35 and works as a freelance Marketing and IT Consultant. Raisa is a 31-year-old freelance Graphic Designer.”

How did you meet?
“In Paris, at a party. There were not that many Dutch people there, so we started talking soon enough and a little while later the sparks started to fly! We’ve been together for 7 years now.”

That picture looks Tropical. Where are you right now?
“We moved to Bali nine months ago. We really wanted to live in Indonesia, partly because of Raisa’s Indonesian roots. Our work made it possible, so after a few months of planning, we made the move in the middle of 2021 and decided to give up everything in the Netherlands.
In all aspects, Bali feels like paradise!
The weather, the nature, the surfing, the hiking, the culture and the quality of life including the outdoors and the amazing food. We love it here! We live in a small village among the locals, speak the language and spend large parts of our day outside, in the middle of the jungle.”

Of course, the food too! What are your favourite Indonesian dishes?
“Jackfruit rendang, no doubt. And tempeh manis.”

Why did you invest in Corekees?
‘’Tijn: I wanted to build my green investments. I found it amazing that I could plant trees in a way that would give me more than just Karma points. I like concepts that make me think: if only I had thought of that! So after hearing about Corekees I didn’t hesitate for a moment and after reading in, I immediately took out a subscription. Raisa started investing at Corekees after I sold her a tree…
Raisa: Because Tijn said that I had to do that, it’s true… Hahaha!! Truth be told, I was already interested in the concept of CO2compensation so I was easy prey.”

Do you think karma points are important?
“Tijn: Yes, but there has to be a good and innovative concept behind it. I want to contribute to something sustainably but only if the model is also truly scalable and sustainable. The entire concept needs to be sustainable. I don’t want to simply transfer money for some trees and then feel like that’s it. I believe concepts should be self-sustaining, and not dependent on donations and subsidies. There are too many stories about initiatives that make trees or land available but destroy socio-economic local organisations.

Do you invest elsewhere?
“Yes, on the stock market through DEGIRO. Kind off Green-oriented there too.”

Tijn, when you as a Marketing and IT consultant look at Corekees, what do you like and what would you still like to see?
“I think it’s very cool that there is a new dashboard with a compensation meter. That really triggers me in a good way! I also hope that there will be more projects with different perspectives. Perhaps more than just trees.”

Thank you both for your time. We wish you every success in Bali and will add a tree to your Corekees forest as a gift from us!
“Great! The more trees the better…”

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