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joost commissaris
6 November 2020
8404 min

This week it is time to put our CFO “Excel-wizard” Tamar in the spotlight. To find out more about her and what motivates her, we asked her a few questions.

Who are you?
I am Tamar, unfortunately a 30 years old, my friends call me Har (after my father), I love sports (soccer, cycling & yoga) and I hate ‘management language’.

What do you do at Corekees?
I do everything that has to do with numbers at Corekees. Because we are a sustainable investment product, there are a lot of calculations behind our proposition.

What do you like most about working at Corekees?
That I can laugh out loud 1 or more times every day.

What is your biggest achievement at Corekees so far?
The moment we sold 10,000 trees was a confirmation of all the hard work.

Target for the next 5 years?
To have planted 1 million trees.

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