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[PRESS RELEASE] Sustainable investment platform against greenwashing looking for co-owners

Claudia Esveldt
12 March 2024
17882 min
Crowdfunding Corekees

Rotterdam, 12 March 2024, Impact investment platform Corekees aims to reach more people with sustainable, international projects. The required capital will buy shares in the scale-up from Rotterdam through their crowdfunding campaign. Even before the launch on European crowdfunding platform SeedBlink, over 150.000 euro was raised in pre-registration.

300 hectares reforested with 60,000 trees

Currently, the family owned business Corekees (founders Nick and Tamar van Heesewijk are cousins) manages investments from over 1,500 investors in six projects. Corekees, founded in 2018, has been successful with tangible and transparent projects. For example, you can plant a tree in Paraguay for €22.50, in an area where the forest has been cut down. The nuts of these trees contain vegetable oil, which can be refined into biodiesel. The trees are planted together with trees native to the area. The project provides biodiversity and local employment opportunities. With this specific reforestation project, Corekees already raised 1.2 million euro – enough for 60,000 trees and 300 hectares of reforested land. ‘What makes our projects unique is that they are super tangible; you know exactly what you are investing in and we are actively managing the projects,’ says Nick van Heesewijk. ‘We are really on top of everything, together with our local partners and the local population. This allows us to communicate transparently and in detail to our investors.’

People want to invest sustainably, but face greenwashing

Active project management is needed. Many news media in recent years have reported investments in so-called sustainable investments, some of which end up in fossil fuel projects or companies. A similar picture emerges from research from the Dutch ASN Bank. Half of the sustainable investors feel misled when it turns out that a sustainable fund invests in fossil fuel industries, according to the report. Pretending to be greener or more socially responsible than an organization actually is, is greenwashing.

Corekees’ projects raised the bar. They are examples of impact investments: investing with a verified positive impact on society, environment and climate. This goes one step further than corporate social responsibility or ESG (Environmental, Social and Governmental). ESG is about minimizing negative impacts on people, the environment and the climate. Corekees capitalises on positive impact.

This strategy is expressed in the projects’ financial returns. The investment projects have an expected return of 6 to 8 percent per year.

Crowdfunding for a good cause

The crowdfunding campaign is accessible through SeedBlink, one of Europe’s largest crowdfunding platforms for scale-ups. The campaign offers investors the opportunity to become co-owners of Corekees and contribute to the growth of Corekees’ portfolio of impactful investments. In addition to the Paraguayan tree project, other projects include reforestation of the Amazon, innovative bamboo planting in Portugal and the cultivation of organically grown ginger and turmeric. Nick van Heesewijk: “With the funds we raise through crowdfunding, we want to scale our current projects and scout new ones. In addition, we aim to serve our investors even better and attract new investors, including companies.’

The + €150,000 euros raised in the pre-registration mostly came from current customers.
Investors can participate from 2.500 euros.

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