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Rotterdam, 18 May 2021 — Corekees, a sustainable investment platform based in Rotterdam, received an investment from the Dutch Green Business Group N.V. (DGB Group). The listed (EURONEXT) investment group shares Corekees’ mission to reforest the world in an economically viable way. The investment underlines the need for a sustainable investment platform for investors.

Corekees turns reforestation projects into an interesting, sustainable investment by enabling the trees’ yield profits to flow back to investors. The DGB Group invests €500,000 in Corekees for the further development of the green investment platform that has been active since 2018. The growth capital is also provided for the scouting of new investment projects, as well as the necessary marketing needs for international expansion in Europe.

Corekees’ first successful investment project regarded a reforestation project using the ‘Pongamia’ tree. The double-sustainable effect of the Pongamia tree makes it unique; in addition to a high CO2 compensation, the tree produces a substitute for fossil fuel. Corekees will publish and offer more similar investment projects on its platform to its investors in the short term.

Founder Nick van Heesewijk; “Many young people realize that sustainable investing is one of the few ways to a better future. With the investment and knowledge of the DGB Group, we will accelerate the development of Corekees to Europe’s main sustainable investment platform. This is another step closer to our goal of planting 1 million trees in 2024.”

CEO Duijvestijn of DGB Group; “We fully align ourselves with Corekees’ ambitions. Corekees’ new generation of investment services allows a customer to invest CO2-neutrally within minutes at an attractive return. Under the driven leadership of Nick and Tamar van Heesewijk, we see plenty of opportunity for accelerated expansion of the platform of digital, sustainable capital building services in Europe.”

Corekees was launched in 2018 by Nick van Heesewijk and Tamar van Heesewijk (cousins). With the first project, the start-up has planted 20,000 Pongamia trees in South America. By paying out the profits to the tree buyers, Corekees makes CO2 compensation economically attractive. In addition to individuals, successful companies such as Blokker, SHV Energy and Vandebron are also among the buyers.

For more information or interview requests:
Nick van Heesewijk // 020 244 0311 // nickvanheesewijk@corekees.com