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Investing with your mobile phone

Roderick Schlimmer
8 March 2022
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All you need is a Smartphone

Investing has never been easier than it is today. Thanks to smartphones and worldwide internet coverage, you can start investing from anywhere in the blink of an eye. As a result, the number of people who invest from their phones is growing steadily. To help you gain insight into this brave new world of mobile investing, we’ll use this blog to share our comparison of 10 different mobile investment providers. It’s a diverse list ranging from stockbrokers to crowdfunding websites. Have a look for yourself and decide which providers suit you best!

1. Peaks

This App allows you to invest your change into stocks. Besides automatically skimming off the change from your debit card t transactions, Peaks gives you the option to deposit a fixed amount each month. We call this specific form of Dollar Cost Averaging ‘automated investing’ and it is something we really love. Finally, a large part of your money will be invested in sustainable index funds. What’s not to love? Peaks definitely deserves a place on your mobile investment portfolio.

Sustainable: Partly
Minimum investment: € 1
Automated investing: Yes
Expected return: 8.2% is the historical stock market average of the past 100 years

2. Lendahand

With this crowdfunding platform, you invest in companies in emerging countries. Lendahand has already funded over 2900 projects! This company focuses on entrepreneurs who are too big to be considered for microfinance but too small to get a bank loan. Lendahand pays you your deposit and interest in equal parts every six months. The return is reasonable: some outliers offer 7%, but most loans seem to average around 5.5%.

Sustainable: Partly, there are occasional sustainable projects on offer.
Minimum investment: € 50
Automated investing: No
Expected return: 2-7% return per year

3. Corekees

Since 2018, Corekees has been enabling people to invest in trees. Our investment platform offers investors the opportunity to earn money through sustainability by investing in projects that leverage nature-based solutions. Currently, we offer bonds linked to Pongamia trees in Paraguay. We plant these trees on marginal land that was deforested decades ago.
Corekees also offers a subscription that automatically plants new trees for you every month. In this way, you can easily create a passive income stream while reforesting the planet. Moreover, your personal investment dashboard gives you real-time insight into the status of your trees. And the expected return? Not bad at all thanks to an average of 7.5% to 8.5% per year. From our point of view, we’re not competing with stocks and bonds, but we offer a very nice addition to your portfolio!

Sustainable: Yes
Minimum investment: € 20
Automated investing: Yes
Expected return: 7.5% – 8.5%

4. DeGiro

It’s not the most user-friendly provider and it requires some time and effort to properly understand, but at Europe’s largest broker, you can act as your own fund manager and invest in all kinds of stocks with the clicks of a few buttons. A lot of these stocks are sustainable but, sadly, not all. Unfortunately, automatic Dollar Cost Averaging is not possible at DeGiro, but if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort needed to master it then this is a solid platform for all your stock exchange investments.

Sustainable: Yes, but not exclusively
Minimum investment: € 0.01
Automated investing: No
Expected return: 8.2% is the historical stock market average of the past 100 years

5. BUX

BUX has been around for several years. Since its inception in September 2014, BUX quickly went beyond national borders. Today, retail investors can purchase commission-free stocks, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies through the BUX Zero app. The User Interface of BUX is simple and straightforward. As with DeGiro, automatic periodic investing is however not possible at BUX. All things considered, this is still a very good App though.

Sustainable: Not exactly. Crypto is not well regarded when it comes to sustainability.
Minimum investment: € 0.01
Automated investing: No
Expected return: 8.2% is the historical stock market average of the past 100 years. Of course, this does not apply to Crypto. That market is so volatile that we can’t make sense of it.

6. Evi

Founded in 1737, Van Lanschot Kempen is the oldest independent financial institution in the Netherlands. With Evi, they’re out to combine the knowledge of a private bank with the convenience of online in a 100% sustainable fashion. Moreover, they make their investment expertise accessible to a wider audience. They themselves say ‘for everyone, but with a minimum deposit of 10,000 euros, we do not entirely agree with that statement…

Sustainable: Yes, van Lanschot advertises that it is100% sustainable
Minimum investment: € 10,000
Automated investing: No
Expected return: 8.2% is the historical average of the past 100 years

7. CrowdAboutNow

Founded in 2019, CrowdAboutNow calls itself one of the first crowdfunding organizations in the Netherlands. The company provides funding for Dutch companies in the hospitality, healthcare and retail sectors. The returns are generally relatively low, but as an investor, you often get perks such as a free dinner at the restaurant you invest in. Not the same as cold hard cash, but nevertheless a fun extra!

Sustainable: No, we don’t see any sustainable projects here.
Minimum investment: This is determined by the projects themselves. The lowest we have seen is €100.
Automated investing: No
Expected return: 2% – 5% per year


In 2011 Geldvoorelkaar was founded as the first crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. About ten years later they received an IEX Gouden Stier Award for best crowdfunding platform in the country. With good reason: since their inception, they have already completed over 2000 campaigns! Geldvoorelkaar says it wants to make a positive and responsible contribution to the financial sustainability of SMEs in the Netherlands. We think that is a good aim, but see that their website mainly focuses on real estate.

Sustainable: No, at this moment we only see a real estate project live in The Hague.
Minimum investment: Unknown
Automated investing: No
Expected return: 4% to 9% return per year

9. Wakibi

The Wakibi Foundation provides microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. The company is named after one of the first borrowers of the platform, an entrepreneur from Uganda. In addition, it boasts a strong idealistic character and shares its infrastructure with the American platform Kiva. Wakibi is run by volunteers and 100% of all loans go to the chosen project. We at Corekees love this initiative!

Sustainable: No, but on a social level they do wonderful things.
Minimum investment: €25
Automated investing: No
Expected return: We have no idea. Although some projects pay interest, we have not been able to read about expected returns anywhere.

10. Oneplanetcrowd

Like Corekees, Oneplanetcrowd combines financial return with sustainable impact. By investing at Oneplanet you help entrepreneurs take the next step. Since 2012, Oneplanetcrowd has funded over 250 entrepreneurs and energy projects with the help of 30,000 investors. Hats off to these guys!

Sustainable: Yes, Oneplanetcrowd has a reasonable number of sustainable projects
Minimum investment: €250
Automated investing: No
Expected return: between 3% to 8% per year

Final remarks

We would like to conclude with the disclaimer that the above is not investment advice, but purely a comparison of a number of different products and providers. Investing is never without risk. You may lose (a part of) your money. Therefore, never invest more than you can afford to lose and spread your risks. On our Project Pongamia page, we tell you more about Corekees investments and how we manage risk.

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