At Corekees, you can invest in trees in 3 minutes. But how do we know which tree is yours and how much profit your trees produce?


1 tree =
1 bond

You can join from €20 (=1 tree) and investing is only possible through our platform. For each tree that’s part of your investment, you will receive a bond.

The Corekees model

1. Online account

A unique serial number will be assigned to each bond. This is your proof of ownership. Your serials and all other details are accessible in your personal online dashboard.

2. Valid for 20 years

The year of purchase is year number one. After 20 years, the trees are returned to the local cattle farmers who’s land we lease for the duration of your investment.

3. Trading bonds

Bonds can be traded through the Corekees platform. We digitally transfer the bond and serials to the new owner and adjust the bond register accordingly.

4. directly on your account

The profits can vary, depending on the number of pods the trees produce each year. The price per kilograms of pods is set in our offtake agreement. Pay-outs are deposited directly into your bank account each year.

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The numbers


Your investment per tree.


Expected annual harvesting profits from the nuts of a mature tree.

Calculate your profit

Select how much you would like to invest. We will calculate your profits over the 20-years period of your investment


Average Return on Investment of 7.8% per year over the 20-year period.


This amount of CO₂ compensation is equal to 372 flight hours.

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Discover the qualities of
our tree

We plant Pongamia trees in specially selected natural reserves that have been deforested for at least 10 years ago. This special Pongamia tree not only compensates a lot of CO₂, but also produces pods that we can sell for a profit.

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