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Board of Advisory

The Corekees Foundation is supported by a board of independent, experienced advisors.

The Board of Advisory is comprised of academic leaders in the areas of sustainability and finance. The Board frequently advises Corekees on a strategic level. Each of the board members is involved because of their affinity with the Corekees story and its founders in their efforts to make a difference in a world that is ready for a change. Click on the link below for more information:

How It All Started...

Two cousins – a marketing consultant and a financial consultant – were looking for opportunities to build a healthier planet while making a decent profit. When the Paris Agreement concluded that the global energy mix should include 36% renewable energy in 2030, an opportunity presented itself. What if there would be a profitable way to improve the environment – and everyone could be a part of it?

A new phenomenon known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) came to their attention. This renewable or green fuel could  be the answer to the increasing demand of renewable energies and compensate the environment at the same time. What if we could give retail-access to the production of the future of fuels and generate a decent profit while doing so?

The solution was found in the Pongamia Pinnata tree – a tree that produces nuts from which Renewable Fuel (HVO) can be produced. Anyone can get their own trees and profit from the harvests each year. Together with our reforestation partner we make sure all the trees are planted, maintained, harvested, the nuts pressed and the crude oil sold to the refineries of major oil companies. Each year, participants receive the profit from the selling of their oil – and saving the environment while doing so.


Investancia is our Reforestation Partner. A Dutch company (originated in Rotterdam) with a state-of-the-art Pongamia reforestation site in Carmelo Peralta. Investancia has been committed to developing the largest commercial Pongamia plantation in the world. The Corekees Foundation has a signed partnership and works closely together with Investancia. For more information, you can check out investancia.com.

SHV is one of the oldest family-owned businesses, originated in the Netherlands. SHV Energy delivers personalised energy services to cover 30 million people worldwide. A big part of the company’s philosophy is sustainability-driven. To this purpose, we are proud to have a signed partnership with SHV Energy to help and support one another in the quest for sustainability and CO2 compensation.

Yspeert is one of the major law firms in the North of the Netherlands. The Corekees Foundation has worked closely together with Yspeert to ensure all proper legislation in all area’s (financial, digital, trading, international, etc.). All our legal documents are monitored and verified by Yspeert.

Raad Barendrecht is a professional administration company with a license from the Dutch tax authorities. With Raad Barendrecht, our financial administration and tax declarations are professionalised and checked by an external, independent party.

GoodFuels is the market-leader in the field of advanced sustainable fuels. Corekees and GoodFuels have signed a partnership to help one another on innovative and renewable projects, as well as their shared vision for the future of energy, nature and business.